Make it Special

Make your school the talk of the town! ROCKCANDY will entertain with interactivity, shout-outs and a performance for all your classmates to remember!

Make Memories

When you look back at your school days, you will think about the fun you had at your school dances, remembering that first slow song, the Royal Court Announcements and of course the best dancing you will have ever had with ROCKCANDY!

Make it Modern

Done are the days of CD's, Single Color changing lights and a DJ who plays your parents songs. NOW IT’S TIME FOR ROCKCANDY! - Award winning DJ's that play the latest and greatest, Multi-Color ROOM CHANGING effects that can make your school gym feel like a posh nightclub, Cannons that fire confetti all over the students, and interactivity that only takes place at the hottest clubs! ROCKCANDY is more than just the music!

Make some $$$MONEY$$$

Make some $$$MONEY$$$

Every school has fundraisers, how about a MOVIE NIGHT! Have us supply our jaw dropping 12-ft. inflatable screen, projector, and sound system and you sell the popcorn and snacks! Call us to learn more.

Make it unique

Why be like the other schools and their cheesy dance, when your school can be unique as the night itself. We can customize your entire event from the room atmosphere to custom patterns on the walls to professional hip hop dancers showing up to kick of a few lessons. With ROCKCANDY, your school will be the school others only wish they went to!

Remember your night

From the first dance to the last dance ROCKCANDY is here to make that special night a night to remember. If its the music, the DJ, the King or Queen, ROCKCANDY will make it an event to remember. From prep rally’s to full production proms, we do it all! Now, what do you think, don't waste anymore time shopping when you have found the best entertainment company there is. ROCKCANDY PROFESSIONAL DISC JOCKEYS!